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Book; Technical Writing,
Design, Infographics

©2014 by Paul Fromberg
The fantasy color training that I never had. Culled from my years of experience in digital Prepress, this book steps the reader through a concise, yet thorough explanation of what color is, and how it is perceived by human vision.

The second portion of the book details how color is captured, managed, and corrected.

I designed the book and created the digital illustrations. I also designed the electronic Kindle edition in HTML.

Advertising Brochure,
Logo Design

Client; Chicago Personal Training
This brochure was designed to sell personalized wellness training programs to corporate Human Resources managers.

The piece presents the cost saving benefits in reduction of lost man hours and health insurance payouts that wellness programs have provided to major corporations.

In addition to writing the copy, I also designed the brochure and the new company logo.

Business Article; Advertising and Media

Client; Central Illinois
Business Magazine
This article, similar to a white paper, educates owners of small to medium businesses as to their choices in traditional media advertising, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Subjects covered include newspaper, television, radio and specialty advertising.

Tech Blog Article

Client; HunterLab
The creative and cost effective use of color measurement devices in the beverage industry.

"Of all the strange items I read with my trusty colorimeter...well I thought reading tea leaves was the province of the fortune teller."

Business Website SEO

Client; Victoria's Piano Studio

Ranked #1 on Google for keyword "Russian Piano Teacher in Chicago."

Business Profile Article

Client; Central Illinois
Business Magazine
A look at the man who shipped 1,255 hogs to Singapore on a Boeing 747.

"...conjures up visions of a fraternity prankster or an extremely eccentric modern day Noah."

This article, in the form of a case study, describes the problems and solutions involved in the worldwide export of livestock.

Technical Infographic

©2014 by Paul Fromberg

A visual depiction of the human perception of color in nature.

"The density and pigmentation of the cello reflect red, absorbing all other colors of the visible spectrum."

LinkedIn Post

The true, inspirational story of my first newspaper business partner, a minister who gave up his career for a seemingly unattainable dream.

Technical Writing,
Course Design, Illustration

Client; Publications International
Years of training rookie imaging techs was hit-or-miss...until author Dan Margulis answered a simple email question that triggered a 100 watt 'aha!' bulb.

It wasn't long until the birth of the "One Minute Color Correction."

After crafting this simple system, my training sessions would consistently transform newbies into contributors in two weeks or less.

Manuscript Analysis

Client; Round Table Companies
An actual critique of a recent book manuscript submitted for publication by a prospective author.

"You are the message...See where I'm going with this? We need to shift the emphasis of the book to your journey. Actually, you said it yourself in Chapter 5, par. 3; 'People will remember you more than your product and what you are selling.'"

Tutorial; Technical Writing, Course Design, Illustration

Client; Publications International
One of the fundamental skills in Digital Imaging involves extracting or outling portions of an image for the purpose of compositing.

Some subjects, such as frizzy haired mammals of all variety, present a huge challenge which many have attempted to tackle.

Borrowing from the best parts of many hit-or miss formulas I tested over the years, "Outlining Fuzzy Objects" offers a predictable solution to an imaging problem that refuses to go away.