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Everything you need
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1)Custom "Lead
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Your licence to sell! Entices visitors
to sign up for your mailing list.
Choose one...
•Special Report •Top Ten List
•Infographic •White Paper
•Case Study •Mini e-book
2)Landing Page
Visitors share their email address,
sign up for your mailing list
and become leads.
3)Free Email
Marketing Account
Where the magic happens!
Visitors are immediately
greeted with your free offer!
Build and market to your list!
• Free MailChimp account
• Popup web ads •Lead Database
• Autoresponder email campaigns
4)Two lead nurturing/
Sales emails
Start selling as soon as they
sign up! The device you will use
regularly to:
a) Maintain contact with
list members.
b)Provide list with
valuable, entertaining information.
c) Sell your goods and services.
"The only real purpose of a website is to build a list/make a sale."
-Ben Settle; World leader in email copywriting education

You may be surprised by this statistic.

If you own a small business and still don't have a website-you're far from alone.
A 2016 survey by clutch.co shows that nearly half of American small businesses have yet to establish a presence on the web. Not even a simple website!!!
Yes, in 2016-not 1997-your neighbors, colleagues and competitors continue to find all sorts of reasons to deprive themselves of leads.

And if that weren't enough...

The majority of the small business websites that ARE up and running are much like my cousin Ralph...a total waste of space!
Why? Because the majority of visitors who do find your site are not ready to buy.
While in the research stage, they find you, but are highly likely to forget you when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

So why is this good news for you?

With a little time and effort-and a modest financial investment-your business website can easily become a 24/7 lead generation machine!
And that modest investment will put you solidly in front of 99% of your still unenlightened competition!
Today, small business owners like you have gained the ability to run their own grassroots P.R. campaign at a fraction of the cost you would shell out to an agency.
There is a science to it. And with so many voices and so many choices, it's easy to throw up your hands. That's exactly why I designed the Lead Generation Starter Package.
It's a quick, relatively easy and inexpensive way for small businesses like yours to start capturing quality leads before they run away.
Here's your chance. Transform your business website.
From a static brochure...to a selling machine!
Free consultation. Limited Availability. Special Pricing.
No obligations. No signups. No opt-ins.
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-Jeff Hapner, R&D Director,
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